The Home Stretch!

The Home Stretch!

Hello Summer Saucer Searchers! We are entering the home stretch with only four clues left, and a lot of fun yet to be had. We hope you’ve enjoyed the experience so far, and seen places you might not have seen in our area before.

Once the ‘object’ is found (by Sunday for sure), we can’t wait to learn which person or team has found it and how they figured it out. Post-Search, the hints and hidden clues shall all be revealed! We’d love to hear some stories from you as well (we will reach out in a summary email at the end).

In the meantime, here is a summary of all the clues published to-date. Enjoy!

— Cluemeister

CLUE #1 – WED, JUNE 14, 12:00 P.M.

“From the sky, fiery ‘slag’ struck my boat with might,
Six large flying objects — a mesmerizing sight.
Over Maury Island, they roamed the air,
Unleashing mysteries and intrigue beyond compare.”

Harold Dahl’s account revealed a remarkable tale,
His son and dog aboard a boat under the UFOs’ trail.
The first recorded sighting in history was made,
“The Summer of the Saucers” had begun to cascade.

Welcome to your “Summer Saucer Search” quest,
Embarking on a journey, putting rumors to the test.
Just as in ’47 when the first ‘man in black’ arrived,
Questioning Dahl’s sighting, the truth to be derived.

Your mission is set to investigate this claim,
In Des Moines, SeaTac, Tukwila, the prize is your aim!
Nine clues to follow, leading you the right way,
In mad, mad a race to find it — only one team wins the day!

CLUE #2 – WED, JUNE 14, 5:00 P.M.

With a guiding light and a stunning Olympic view,
This Des Moines landmark beckons, a perfect starting point for you.
About as far to the west as a person can be,
The 600-foot structure reaches out to the sea.

Maury Island, a character itself in this UFO story,
From here seems within hand’s reach in all its glory
The next stop on your quest is northward, dear friend,
Through history’s pages, and to places you’ve never been.

Explore the unseen, venture into the unknown,
“Men in Black” lore is within your journey to be shown.
So set forth on this path where secrets align,
With Des Moines as your start, where wonders intertwine.

In search of the prize, beyond what’s first seen,
Let your steps take you toward the enigma’s sheen.
Travel safe on your journey, never straying from public spaces,
Your treasure is hidden “in plain sight;” Now it’s off to the races!

CLUE #3 – THURS, JUNE 15, 12:00 P.M.

The Museum of Flight, Tukwila’s pride,
The Aviation Pavilion with planes staged outside.
You can visit in-person if you pay a fee,
But there’s a map online where it’s ‘plane’ to see.

Amidst the vast expanse of blue, one particular plane took flight,
Its metal wings slicing through day and night.
The Stratojet soared high, nearly reaching a celestial realm,
Unaware of the mysteries brewing under its wings’ helm.

Harold Dahl, gripped by the fear of what he had seen,
Whispered tales of saucers and encounters inbetween.
In 1947 he witnessed the objects dance with grace and might,
Beneath the canopy of stars, a captivating sight.

Flash forward to The Aviation Pavilion of today,
Where these historic planes seem frozen that way.
On Henry’s mural in the Pavilion’s parking lot,
What creature, in a space helmet, holds a frog in thought?

CLUE #4 – THURS, JUNE 15, 5:00 P.M.

Looking for a thrill? Why not stop by,
Heed the track’s motto: “It’s time to fly!”
With camps, clinics, and BMX bike races galore,
After watching a few sprints you’ll leave wanting more.

This super-fun racetrack is open 10 am ’til dark,
In support of the community, this place provides a spark.
BMX racing’s mission, their purpose clear,
To inspire youth, engage families, and foster growth sincere.

So step into the realm of speed and grace,
Feel the rush, the wind against your face.
SeaTac’s BMX track awaits, a vibrant core,
Where the thrill of riding calls forevermore.

While you are there, contemplate your next move,
And, very soon, you’ll be finding your groove!
In service of your quest, if 26 laps is too far to pedal,
Perhaps it’s better to drive, so put it to the metal!

CLUE #5 – FRI, JUNE 16, 12:00 P.M.

Every search deserves a treat,
From 10 to 5 you can expect to eat.
(Except for Sunday when you’re out of luck)
Cacao! Cacao! Do I hear a duck??

A Whale, Octopus, Cactus, and a Butterfly,
Two hearts and a Battleship, oh my!
An Apple, Sand dollar, Umbrella, and a Fish,
DECODE THIS PHRASE (to receive your wish):
3-9-4 / 1-7-8-5 / 10-2-6

Over Andover, where you’ll Park your cars,
Is a chorus line of chocolate bars.
Give the attendant this CODE for something tasty,
Only the first letters, mind. No time to wasty!

Now you’ve had your little break,
Resume your search, and don’t be fake.
Another day, and another clue,
Or should we say, “Another two?”

CLUE #6 – FRI, JUNE 16, 5:00 P.M.

Oscar and November, a whimsical pair,
Dance through the meadow without a care.
To a magical waltz, enchanting and sweet,
They twirl in step to the uplifting beat.

A tango at the hotel is on grand display,
Echoes of music guide the couple that way.
Guests spin and dip, their spirits high,
Lost in the moment beneath a starry sky.

A foxtrot echoes on November’s night,
Friend Charlie joins in, his eyes shining bright.
Dancing with laughter in the moonlight’s soft glow,
Echoes fade as the curtain of night falls low.

In the meadow’s embrace a brisk rhythm rises,
As they salsa their way through countless surprises.
The three joyous dancers sway in delight,
Their steps intertwined in harmonious flight.

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