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Team Sign-Up


Many have searched for the truth behind the infamous “Summer of the Saucers” in 1947, when Americans reported multiple sighting of flying discs. One prominent siting, the Maury Island Incident, included the first reported appearance of the iconic Men in Black. Now, the Men In Black Birthday Bash Festival (“MIBBB Fest”) celebrates this search for knowledge with a new Summer Saucer Search. 

What is the Summer Saucer Search? A free, real-world search with daily clues from June 14-18, 2023.  Teams compete to solve clues to find an out-of-this-world object hiding in plain sight. The game is designed by PlayMasons, the creators of real-world puzzles for Bumbershoot and many other Seattle search games. Clues will be announced daily.  

Daily Mini-Search: Each day, a separate and independent Mini-Search will commence with the announcement of the daily clue. The Mini-Search will target a location with a clue that can be solved at that location.  

How does it work? Each day, two clues will be released (at 12:00 noon and 5:00 p.m.) on all the South King Media news blogs:

While you may be searching to solve clues in some of these South King County cities, no clue will ever require you to access private property, a closed business premises, or climb, dig, or balance. 

The Prizes: In addition to fame, satisfaction, and respect, winners will receive two passes to the opening night of 2023’s MIBBB Fest, dubbed 6/22 for the date of the Maury Island Incident on June 22, 1947. As champion, winners also receive two passes to all of next year’s 2024 MIBBB Fest events. More prizes to be announced.  

When does it start? Registration is open now. The first clue will be released at 12:00 noon on June 14. The last clue will be 5:00 p.m., June 18. 

Summer Saucer Search Game Designer: MIBBB Fest has partnered with PlayMasons, LLC, the creators of beloved and spectacular real-world puzzles where clues are clever, locations are key, and the treasure hunt is real. PlayMasons is the creative power behind the original Emerald City Search, working with Bumbershoot, the University of Washington, Seattle Art Museum, and Woodland Park Zoo. PlayMasons’ mission: to design an annual, real world, history finding, mythology-embracing, team-making, community-building, buzz-creating competition to celebrate our flying saucer and men in black heritage! 


YOU DO NOT NEED TO DIG, MOVE, OR DISTURB PROPERTY IN ANY WAY. The medallion is accessible for everyone—there is no need to climb, crawl, or clamber. ONCE FOUND, THE MEDALLION IS EASILY REMOVABLE. Please immediately follow the directions printed on the back of the medallion to claim your Grand Prize!

The medallion is NOT located on private property, but on public property that is easily accessible.

SEARCH, DON’T DESTROY: The operators of the MIBBB Fest and/or PlayMasons, LLC reserve the right to discontinue the Search at any time if public property is destroyed.

Please read the OFFICIAL RULES before signing up as an individual or a team. The act of signing up below—regardless of agreeing to all three check-box terms—represents acknowledgement of acceptance of the OFFICIAL RULES.

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