Welcome Summer Saucer Searchers!

Welcome Summer Saucer Searchers!

We are very excited about the rollout of the first annual “Summer Saucer Search” in conjunction with the MIBBB Fest, which celebrates the first recorded appearance of a “Man in Black” who came to the Northwest in service of an investigation into the “Maury Island Incident,” a reported siting of six flying saucers in 1947 over Maury Island, WA right in our own backyard!!

I am writing to you to say “Welcome,” and “Good luck to all!”

In less than one hour — today at noon — you’ll get to see your first clue, and then the next one at 5 pm (noon and 5 pm each day for five days until the ‘object of interest’ is found)!

REMINDER: No digging. No climbing. No crossing onto private property. No damaging. The object will be ‘hidden in plain sight,’ and the clues will slowly reveal details and ultimately lead you to find it!

Now you are “Off to the races!!”

Have fun & stay safe…



PS: Share the love for us and post about the “Summer Saucer Search” on your social media! Our aim is to have as many people explore, have fun, and learn more about the beautiful and fascinating area we live in!

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